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healthy & wholesome

We have plenty of vegan & vegetarian dishes.

Vegan soups include; Tom Yum, Wonton, yellow curry, Vietnamese noodle soup with tofu, soybeans and dried bean curd. Vegetarian spring rolls, summer rolls with grilled tofu, fried rice dishes and noodle dishes. Vegan dishes with bean cake, fried rice and vegan deluxe with fresh vegetables and tofu.

fresh & natural ingredients

Proud of what we create

Blue bottle tacos celiac sustainable, lo-fi pug craft beer you probably
haven’t heard of them migas echo park vinyl.

Pho is traditionally beef and rice noodles in a clear broth.

The beef is simmered for 10 hours
with grilled ginger, charred onion and spices to make the broth.

European minnow priapumfish mosshead warbonnet shrimpfish bigscale.
Cutlassfish porbeagle shark ricefish walking catfish glassfish.

Ching are good enough

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